There are many different kind of card readings. I personally use Angel  Cards, Angel Tarot cards, and Fairy Card decks to do my readings. I have taken my Advanced Angel Card Reading training in person with Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

Card readings are a wonderful way to get insight to your life. It helps to give you direction and answer questions you may have. The questions can be a simple question such as, what do I need to know today?  Or it can be a deeper question such as, what is my life purpose?

During a card reading the client will ask the question and I’ll pull cards and give you the message that comes through the cards. The messages are angelically guided and intuitively delivered to you. Although this may seem quite “out there” for many, the results are quite powerful.

Some examples of types of readings are:

  • Life Purpose
  • Love and Romance
  • General Reading
  • Health and Wellness

Some people have said they are unsure if they want to know their future. In my experience with the cards they serve as a tool to help guide and give direction. There may be the odd card that appears in a reading which on the surface seems negative, but all that means is it’s a sign of caution or a heads up for you. You can change your future by making the choice to change your path to a brighter one. You are always in charge of you life and destiny. Card readings are here to merely offer you advise and gentle insight and confirmation to what’s going on in your life.