Group vs. 1:1 Coaching

Group vs. 1:1 Coaching. Which is the best fit for you?


Benefits of the group program structure: 

•    First and foremost, this is a sacred space for you to be vulnerable, and open. I will hold that space for you and in a very short time you will hold space for your Fulfillment Sisters in the group as well.

•    As a group you get support from me, and others who are in the group. It’s nice to know you aren’t alone on this journey.

•    Private Facebook Group to keep in touch during the week.

•    You can do this program from home or while you are on holidays, all you need is a WiFi connection.

•    While others share and heal, you benefit too. How many of you felt like you healed your fears of not being good enough, or smart enough just by witnessing my fears? Yeah, that’s how it works. So you see, sometimes you get to heal just by being a witness. Together we bring each other up to heights that we couldn’t do alone.

•    Price. Let’s face it, price can be a factor. And if it’s a factor for you then the group program is the way to go. My cost per month is typically $500 per month (4 sessions). The program cost is $574 plus GST or 2 payments of $300 plus GST for the payment plan.

•    Continuity and structure with weekly coaching, and full immersion of the transformational program.


Benefits of 1:1 coaching structure: 

•    Sacred space held for you during a 1:1 session.

•    Coaching specifically towards what you want to create in your life and/or clarity in specific areas.

•    Online coaching provides flexibility and comfort to do it in your own home or while on vacation.

•    Weekly coaching for a 3 month period with consistent support.

•    Times available during the day (limited evening slots).