M Testimonial

I am a long distance truck driver which can be very hard on my joints. My fingers were beginning to stiffen and my hands hurt so bad it was hard to do my job. I often would wake up at night due to pain. My doctor suggested I look into a different profession or I’d need to get carpel tunnel surgery within 6 months. Tania did a 15 minute Reiki session on my hands and 3 days later a full Reiki session. That was 2 months ago and now I am able to do my job again without constant pain. Thank you Tania ….M

H Testimonial

I went to see Tania for a package of Reiki sessions and I had no idea what to expect having never tried it before. I ended up being completely wowed by the experience! Tania made me feel so comfortable throughout each session and each time I left I felt more relaxed than a massage has ever made me feel…H

WestJet Testimonials

Thank you for letting us share and be open with each other. What an amazing way to spend an afternoon with my team…WestJet

Great Hypnotherapy session! …WestJet

Thank you – this has changed our team for the better, we will be closer, more open and stronger people for doing this (Team Building Event) together…WestJet

C.D Testimonial

I went and saw Tania for Reiki because the joints in my hands and knees were very sore. I had my first knee surgery 12 years ago and I’ve had nothing but pain in them since then. This year, the doctor decided to do another surgery on my knee and told me it would help. Three weeks after my surgery my knee felt better but after another 3 weeks (6 weeks after surgery) my knees were getting worse again, the pain was returning and I was having a hard time walking. Since Tania did Reiki on me my knees and hands feel much better. After my Reiki treatment I have not had to use pain medication. I plan to return to Tania for more Reiki or Distance Reiki to complete the healing…C.d