About Me


Guided Healing Works offers Massage, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Reflexology, Card Readings and Spiritual Retreats.

Hi, I’m Tania J. Maven, the founder and owner of Guided Healing Works and Guided Healing Works Retreats. I am a Reiki Master / Teacher, a Hypnotherapist, a Card Reader, a Massage Therapist and Reflexologist…but those are really just titles that I use so you know what kind of skills and tools I bring to the table. I am also a mother, a wife, a teacher, a student, a friend and so much more! I can be quirky, and enjoy laughing, I’m a hopeless romantic and love nature. And one of my guilty pleasures is riding on the back of my husbands motorcycle …fast, but don’t tell anyone.

I also love interacting with people on a soul level and I can talk about spirituality until the cows come home. I love my “job” and I’ve been told that it shows. You can’t really fake passion, and why would you want to! I am passionate about teaching others how to connecting to their body, mind and spirit with the intention to heal, to grow, to let go of fear and become all that you can be. Tuning in to your true inner self and letting your light shine! And of course, infusing all that goodness with laughter and love.

My Mission and Values:

My vision is for everyone to find their beautiful light from within and let it shine with confidence, laughter and love. Healing really is a journey but it’s a journey worth taking. I love watching the movie Rise of the Guardians, especially the part where they are looking at Santa’s globe and seeing all the lights go out (just after 1.15 in the trailer). These lights represent each child as the children no longer believe in Santa, the Tooth Fairy, etc. I’m not saying we need to all believe in those icons, but the imagery was so strong for me as when we let our fears come in or allow obstacles or limiting beliefs to hold us back then our light becomes dim or goes out too. Tania sunset 50BUT if we believe in ourselves and let our light shine – what would that mean for ourselves, our family, for our world!

What if we could shine brightly all the time, facing life head on with acceptance, enthusiasm, and freedom? This is my passion, this is my dream and my wish for YOU. This is what I do; I guide and I teach, and you grow and you heal…throughout that process we will often trade hats and I’ll grow and heal from what you teach me. It’s a beautiful dance of change

Healing is the willingness to become complete” ~ Tania Lammers

**Guided Healing Works is registered through the NHPC for Reiki and Massage and therefore your healing sessions are often covered through your employers Extended Health Benefits or Health Spending Account. Please check with your provider if unsure of coverage as each plan may vary**